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Trop gros pour courir

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Trop gros pour courir Empty Trop gros pour courir

Message par Rammstein Mer 16 Jan - 3:22:00

Ci-après le témoignage d'un survivaliste américain obèse, bien en peine lorsque la bise (l'ouragan Hugo) se mit à souffler sur sa maison...


Moralité : faites du sport et mangez des pommes !


Too fat to run

(This is another survival story from an Alpha Group member who learned a valuable lesson)
I was over-weight. I knew better, the guys gave me subtle hints about my weight and about my decreasing stamina, but I continued to gain. Food just tasted so good and I was in love with that "full feeling", my life was going good, I was relaxed and fat and happy. I increasingly found myself on the firing line instead of out training in the field with the rest of the group. I kidded myself into believing several lies... "I could be a survivalist at 60 lbs. overweight. I had guns and lots of ammo, I am a very good shot, I *KNOW* a lot about survivalism and tactics and military things, and it is all "mind over matter" anyway... "if a crises came I could push myself into action and I would loose the weight as I went", As I said, it was all lies my mind was telling me so I could take the easy way out and remain sedentary and lazy...

More and more I found it harder to walk distances, my cholesterol was way up but my blood pressure was ok so I figured that meant I was still in decent condition. Looking back at it now I can see how stupid I was.

During Hurricane Hugo I elected to stay in my home, to guard my family's possessions from looters. I was ready and willing to help my neighbors guard their homes, clean up debris after the fact, and in general be an all around model survivalist... then the wind started.

The wind outside was incredible. The howling of the wind was all you could hear inside the house except for the punctuations of trees falling and wind blown objects striking the house. I opened the back door at one point and was almost sucked right out, the scene was indescribable. I had this really BAD feeling that I may have made a fatal mistake in staying with the house. I had time to remember what my friend, Warlord, said about "A survivalist SURVIVES by being smart enough to stay out of survival situations". All I had thought about up to this point was the thrill of stopping some looters after the fact, or being a hero with the neighbors for helping out. But as something large smashed the front of the house I realized that this was getting scary.

Trouble came when the storm shutters on the east facing side of the house blew right in through the windows and a big chunk of the wall ended up in my living room. The roof began to creak and water was everywhere, It was time to get the Hell out of Dodge and I knew it! I grabbed a Bug Out Bag from the closet and opened the side door to see my Power Wagon with a large tree across it. There was so much debris that I knew right then the roads were impassable. I was on foot. I tried to make it about half a block east where one of my buddies lived, but with the wind blowing in my face I was exhausted before I even got out of the Yard! I couldn't breath, my legs felt like rubber and I was scared. I realized right then that I was REALLY in a survival situation and I was too fat to run. I turned around and went back to my damaged home... found a closet in the center of the house, hauled all of the crap out of it and got in and closed the door. That's where I stayed until it was over.

Clean up was a nightmare in itself. I was so out of shape it was a Miracle I didn't have a heart attack and die just trying to clean up my yard. Helping my neighbors was out of the question. If I had to fight at that time I would be dead right now, no doubt in my mind. Every muscle in my body hurt so bad I couldn't even sleep at night, even though I was exhausted. I vowed right then that this would never happen to me again. This is a promise I have kept from that moment on. I used the disaster to begin getting back in shape, I got out and forced myself to be active again, and started eating like a normal human again.

Of course I have MANY recollections about that disaster, But the one that really changed my life (and has probably saved it since) was that I was too fat to be effective at anything pertaining to the rigors of a survival situation. So, please take a lesson from my experience if you are out of shape. NOW is the time to lose weight and get back into physical condition! Don't let laziness make your mind believe the common lies.. otherwise, when TSHTF you will be too fat to run!
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Trop gros pour courir Empty Re: Trop gros pour courir

Message par Petrus16 Mer 16 Jan - 4:31:10

Aussi à méditer:

"A survivalist SURVIVES by being smart enough to stay out of survival situations".

Et l'importance du bob dans ce cas là...

Petrus. (toujours au régime...)

"If you won't let us dream, we won't let you sleep."
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Trop gros pour courir Empty Re: Trop gros pour courir

Message par ipphy Mer 16 Jan - 6:10:15


Par contre, je ne vois pas l'intérêt de sortir de sa maison en plein cyclone (sauf si il y a un abri proche: gymnase aménagé, école, AAA :') )

En cas de tempête les préparatifs sont indispensables:
(petite digression)

-rentrer les pots de fleurs et tout ce qui est susceptible de s'envoler
-ranger les voiture à l'abri.
-fabriquer des volets pour obturer les ouvertures qui en sont dépourvues (une planche solide et des loquets)
-réserves d'eau, de bouffe, d'énergie (radio indispensable pour se tenir informé de l'avancée de la tempête), carte pour pointer le cyclone (coordonnées données à la radio)
-Avoir une maison en dur avec un toit bien fixé (les maçons ne sont pas toujours compétents et peuvent fixer le toit dans des parpings creux evcol ). Les toits en taule résistent bien au vent. La maison devra se situer dans une zone sûres, éviter les zones inondables et les flancs de montagne et les coins isolés en montagne.
-Respecter les consignes mises en place par les autorités.
-Se méfier de l'œil du cyclone, et de son ciel calme. Le reste de la tempête arrive juste après :')
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Trop gros pour courir Empty Re: Trop gros pour courir

Message par Le_Celte Jeu 24 Jan - 8:05:09

Je trouve l'attitude du gars en question vraiment saine, il a su se remettre en question et surtout raconte honnêtement ses erreurs.

Le coup du gars trop gros, qui sort en pleine tempête avec un bon gros BOB sur le dos histoire de se rassurer je trouve ca très fort...

Le Celte
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Trop gros pour courir Empty Re: Trop gros pour courir

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

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